Bundle relating to political topics

Ref CAY/FP/8/1
Level File
Date c.1880 - 1906
Extent 1 bundle
Description Bundle containing: [1-2] Satirical booklets on Gladstone: The Irish Green Book and The Coming? Gladston’ 1880s-1890s [3] Flyer, 1892, from C W Cayzer, candidate for Barrow-in-Furness [4-5] Cards, undated, seeking support for C W Cayzer, Unionist candidate [6] Polling card, 1892, for Barrow election, featuring photograph of C W Cayzer in decorative border [7] ‘Gag Chart’ for Home Rule Bill, 1893 [8] Punch, 4 Mar 1893 [9-10] Duplicated letters, 1894, 1898, from Arthur James Balfour requesting presence of recipient at resumed sitting of the House of Commons [11] Programme for the Holker Demonstration, 29 Aug 1896 [12] Reprint from the Barrow Herald of undated report on meeting addressed by C W Cayzer, Unionist candidate [13] Reprint from the Barrow Herald, 18 Nov 1905, of report of Unionist demonstration at Barrow, including speech by C W Cayzer [14] Notes for two dozen political speeches given by C W Cayzer, electioneering in Barrow 1903-1906. [15] Press cutting, nd but August 1896, being report of lecture on Martin Luther, given in Barrow. C W Cayzer, MP present. [16] Satirical political verses entitled Pack up your Carpet Bag, Jamie! printed in Barrow, nd but 1892 (re James Duncan, Liberal incumbent of Barrow-in-Furness seat, against whom Charles Cayzer was standing); [17] Cartoon, undated, mounted on board, entitled Whips It’s a Pleasure to Work With
Status Draft
Creator Richard Samways

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