Press Cuttings

Ref CAY/FP/6
Level Series
Extent 14 volumes, 1 bundle
Description Press cutting kept by Sir Charles Cayzer (or his office) in volumes, and categorised as "Political" or "Personal" irrespective of content. The cuttings cover both the activities engaged him by himself and his wife in the course of, or on account of, his career in politics (at both local and national levels), as well as activities related to his business, and engaged in by himself and his family privately.
Status Draft
Creator Richard Samways

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Press cuttings: “Political Speeches 4 June 1891- 10 June 1892”.CAY/FP/6/1
Press cuttings: “Political June 1892”.CAY/FP/6/2
Press cuttings: “Political from June 1892-March 1893”.CAY/FP/6/3
Press cuttings: “Political Speeches 18 Febr'y 1893 to 1898”.CAY/FP/6/4
Press cuttings: “Barrow in Furness and North Lonsdale Elections July 1895”.CAY/FP/6/5
Press cuttings: “Colchester By-Election (Vereker) 1895”.CAY/FP/6/6
Press cuttings: “Political Affairs: 1903”.CAY/FP/6/7
Press cuttings: “Political from 1 July '08”.CAY/FP/6/8
Press cuttings: “Personal: 1908 to [1909]”.CAY/FP/6/9
Press cuttings: “Personal From July 1891 to May 1892”.CAY/FP/6/10