Ref CAY/FP/2
Level Series
Date 1874 - 1913
Extent 13 volumes
Description The personal diaries of Sir Charles Cayzer. These contain daily and personal observations on his daily activities, state of health, the weather etc and the doings of his family.
Status Draft
Creator Richard Samways

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Lett's Pocket Diary 1874CAY/FP/2/1
Collins' Diamond Diary1902CAY/FP/2/2
Collins' Pocket Diary 1903CAY/FP/2/3
Spencer Bros Diary 1904CAY/FP/2/4
Spencer Bros Diary 1905CAY/FP/2/5
The Tariff Reformer's Pocket Book 1906CAY/FP/2/6
Collins' Gentleman's Diary 1907CAY/FP/2/7
Collins' Gentleman's Diary 1908CAY/FP/2/8
Collin's Exchange Diary, Jan-Jun 1909CAY/FP/2/9
Collins' Exchange Diary, Jul-Dec 1909CAY/FP/2/10