Weekly “Steamer” Reports to Sir Charles W Cayzer

Level Sub Series
Date 1911 - 1916
Description These are weekly reports from Cayzer Irvine and Company to Sir Charles Cayzer giving details of movements of Clan Line steamers, cargoes, profits and general remarks on business
Status Draft
Creator Richard Samways

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Weekly reports, Jan-Dec 1911CAY/BS/CL/5/1
Weekly reports, Jan-Dec 1912CAY/BS/CL/5/2
Weekly reports, Jan-Dec 1913CAY/BS/CL/5/3
Weekly reports, Dec 1914-Dec 1915CAY/BS/CL/5/4
Weekly reports, Jan-Jun 1915CAY/BS/CL/5/5
Weekly reports, Jun-Dec 1915CAY/BS/CL/5/6
Weekly Reports, Feb-Apr 1916CAY/BS/CL/5/7
Weekly Reports, Nov-Dec 1910CAY/BS/CL/5/8