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Date 1860-present
Description This collection contains material relating to or created by members of the extensive Cayzer Family, and charts the life history of the energetic and indomitable Charles William Cayzer (1st baronet), who founded the family firm, Cayzer, Irvine & Company Limited,in 1878. It shows how, from small beginnings, this Company grew to dominate international shipping, at its zenith boasting among its number such household names as Clan Line Steamers and the Union-Castle Line Company. The history of Cayzer, Irvine and its associate companies is a long and rich one. Not only is it that of a sea-faring business, but one that embraces Britain and her Empire. The Company's development can be traced from the days of steam to those of oil; through the depression, two world wars and into the modern age. However, at heart, the business remained a family affair. Of Sir Charles' ten children, six were directly or indirectly employed by Cayzer, Irvine, and thus direectly interested in the family's own shipping line, Clan Line. Active family employment by, and involvement in, the company and its subsidiaries continued through the succeeding generations, and indeed remains the case to the present day, with the Cayzer, Irvine legacy companies. The Family Papers include many family letters, which throw considerable light on Sir Charles Cayzer's personal and political life and on the lives of his children and grandchildren. Inevitably in a family company of this type, there was some blurring between personal and private life, particularly in Sir Charles' papers. This is reflected in the content of these Family Papers, which frequently moves between personal and private matters within the space of a few pages. Papers which might be better described as primarily relating to business, will be found elsewhere in the collection.
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