At war

Over half of Clan Line fleet was lost during the First and Second World Wars.  The toll on human life was enormous, from officers and ships’ crews to employees who joined the armed forces during the wars.  This page lists the vessels lost by Clan Line and associated companies.

Clan Macquarrie

Painting of the Clan Macquarrie by E.S. Hyslop
Artist: E S Hyslop

Completed in 1913, the Clan Macquarrrie was one of the last vessels built for the clan Line during the life-time of Sir Charles Cayzer.   Surviving the First World War she went on to become part of the vital Atlantic convoys of the Second World War.   In 1941 she was credited with ramming and sinking a U-boat.   A year later she was sunk by an Italian submarine off Sierra Leone.

Clan Mactavish

Painting of the Clan Mactavish by unknown artist
Artist unknown.

Built in 1913 The Clan Mactavish was equipped with a six-pounder gun shortly after the outbreak of the First World War and, two years later, was involved in a running battle with the German cruiser, Moewe.   She was forced to surrender and was destroyed.   Her crew, however, were saved and her captain was awarded the DSO.

M T Scottish Lion

M T Scottish Lion, a product tanker owned by Scottish Tanker Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Cayzer Irvine & Co. This product tanker weighed 55,517 tonnes deadweight. She was built by the Scottish Tanker Company, part of the Cayzer family of companies, to carry oil in the 1950s.

Painting of MT Scottish Lion by C. John
Artist: C John

Clan Mactaggart

Painting of Clan Mactaggart by Charles E. Turner
Artist: Charles E Turner

This ship played an important role in the Second World War as she carried troops, ammunition and stores for the landings in North Africa.  Tragically she was lost after being torpedoed off Gibraltar. Unknown to her captain,  the convoy they were to join had been re-routed leaving her prey to the enemy.

HMS Iron Duke

Sir Charles Cayzer’s son-in-law, Admiral Sir John Jellicoe, commanded the Grand Fleet in the last great clash of the Dreadnoughts.   Here, Jellicoe’s flagship, HMS Iron Duke, opens fire on the German fleet.   Although the outcome of the Battle of Jutland was indecisive – both sides claiming victory – the Germans never again risked a serious confrontation with the British Navy.

Painting of HMS Iron Duke at the Battle of Jutland 1916 by Lesley Arthur Wilcox
Admiral Sir John Jellicoe’s flagship, HMS Iron Duke at the Battle of Jutland, 1916.
Artist: Lesley Arthur Wilcox

Clan Cameron

Print of Clan Cameron arriving in Royal Victoria Dock, Christmas 1945
Christmas 1945.

Clan Cameron, after playing several wartime roles and surviving a number of attacks, including sabotage by enemy agents, arrives sporting her peacetime colours in the Royal Victoria Dock, London at Christmas 1945

HMS Cornwall

Print of HMS Cornwall sinking a German Raider which had previously sunk the 'Clan Buchanan' during WWII
CAL 191

The print is inscribed:  ” ‘HMS Cornwall’ sinking a German Raider which had previously sunk the ‘Clan Buchanan’. The Master of the ‘Clan Buchanan’ (Capt. Davenport Jones, one-time A.D.C. to King George V) lost his life on the raider, aboard which he was a prisoner.”

All the ships that were lost

  • Clan Grant
  • Clan Macalister
  • Clan Macleod
  • Clan Matheson
  • Clan Stuart
  • Clan Campbell
  • Clan Macfarlane
  • Clan Macnaughton
  • Clan Leslie
  • Clan Mactavish
  • Clan Alpine
  • Clan Cameron
  • Clan Davidson
  • Clan Farquhar
  • Clan Ferguson
  • Clan Maccorquodale
  • Clan Maclachlan
  • Clan Macmillan
  • Clan Murray
  • Clan Shaw
  • Clan Forbes
  • Clan Macdougall
  • Clan Mackay
  • Clan Macnab
  • Clan Macneil
  • Clan Macpherson
  • Clan Macvey
  • Clan Matheson (A replacement of the earlier Clan Matheson lost in 1916)
  • Clan Chisholm
  • Clan Macalister (A replacement of the earlier Clan Macalister lost in 1914)
  • Clan Macfarlane (A replacement of the earlier Clan Macfarlane lost in 1915)
  • Clan Mackinlay
  • Clan Macphee
  • Clan Menzies
  • Clan Monroe
  • Clan Morrison
  • Clan Stuart (A replacement of the earlier Clan Stuart lost in 1914)
  • Clan Buchanan
  • Clan Cumming
  • Clan Fraser
  • Clan Macdougall (A replacement of the earlier Clan Macdougall lost in 1918)
  • Clan Macnab (A replacement of the earlier Clan Macnab lost in 1918)
  • Clan Campbell (A replacement of the earlier Clan Campbell lost in 1915)
  • Clan Chattan
  • Clan Ferguson
  • Clan Macfadyen
  • Clan Macindoe
  • Clan Macnaughton (A replacement of the earlier Clan Macnaughton lost in 1915)
  • Clan Macquarrie
  • Clan Mactavish (A replacement of the earlier Clan Mactavish lost in 1916)
  • Clan Macwhirter
  • Clan Skene
  • Clan Alpine (A replacement of the earlier Clan Alpine lost in 1917)
  • Clan Macarthur
  • Clan Macpherson (A replacement of the earlier Clan Macpherson lost in 1918)
  • Clan Ogilvy (Ship of an associated company: Houston Line)
  • Clan Ross (Ship of an associated company)
  • Harmonides (Ship of an associated company: Houston Line)
  • Banffshire (Ship of an associated company: Scottish Shire Line)
  • Halizones (Ship of an associated company: Houston Line)
  • Harmodius (Ship of an associated company: Houston Line)
  • Stirlingshire (Ship of an associated company: Scottish Shire Line)
  • Perthshire (Ship of an associated company: Scottish Shire Line)
  • Clan Mactaggart (Ship of an associated company: Scottish Shire Line)
  • Berwickshire (Ship of an associated company: Scottish Shire Line)