Lithograph of Charles Cayzer

Welcome to the website of The Cayzer Family Archive, the archive of the business interests and the family of 19th century shipowner, Sir Charles Cayzer, 1st Baronet of Gartmore.

The archive contains material relating to the history of British shipping, and the family papers reveal a great deal of late 19th and early 20th century social history, as Sir Charles’ business successes allowed him and his family to enjoy a significantly better lifestyle and social circle than either he or his wife had been born into. The archive continues to acquire personal and business papers of Sir Charles’ descendants and the wider family.

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This website charts the history of the family firm, Cayzer, Irvine & Company Limited, which was founded by the energetic and indomitable Charles William Cayzer (1st Baronet) in 1878. It shows how, from small beginnings, the Company grew to dominate international shipping, at its zenith boasting among its number such household names as Clan Line Steamers and the Union-Castle Line Company.

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  • 1929 brochure

    Artwork for wrap-around cover of 1929 Union-Castle brochure

  • 1934 brochure

    Artwork for wrap-around cover of 1934 Union-Castle brochure

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  • Black and white photograph of First Class library, Llanstephan Castle, from a brochure, 1922

  • Black and white photograph of the First Class smoking room, Dunbar Castle, from a brochure, 1930

  • Black and white photograph of the First Class dining saloon, Warwick Castle, from a brochure, 1930